The Android SDK without Android studio make an error "Error: Unable to find or load the main class FilesAndroidtoolsbin\"

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I would like to enjoy SDK Android tools without downloading and installing Android Studio on my Windows 7 64.

It is obviously possible as explained on the official page:

So I download and extract this zip ‘’ to my folder:

 C:Program FilesAndroid

And I get a subfolder ‘tools’ inside my folder :

C:Program FilesAndroidtools

which contain other subfolders ‘bin’ and ‘lib’.

When I run in command line ‘sdkmanager’ (located in ‘bin’ folder), I get this error message:

Error: Unable to find or load the main class FilesAndroidtoolsbin

!!! The message is in French and I translated it !!! So please forgive me if it is not 100% accurate. I can’t reproduce the error message in English as my OS is in French.

I’ve seen a lot of issues like this but these issues are coming from different scenarios for other purposes.

I couldn’t find a solution to my problem.

Do you have any idea what am I missing here?

Source: StackOverflow