"Unable to connect to the runtime" in Google Colab on Windows

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When trying to connect my Google Colab notebook to a local runtime I get Unable to connect to the runtime. The Troubleshoot link is not helpful as it assumes Linux (uses bash commands).

This post "Unable to connect to the local runtime" in google colab also assumes Linux, as does the official Colab instructions.

This is what I did:

1) I installed Anaconda for Windows as described here

2) Started a Jupyter Notebook (Anaconda3). In a terminal Window it wrote the link

3) Started a Colab notebook, selected Connect to local runtime and copied above link into the Backend URL field.

Source: StackOverflow

One Reply to “"Unable to connect to the runtime" in Google Colab on Windows”

  • while uploading dataset from local system in google colab getting this error: ‘unable to connect to runtime ‘
    sometimes it shows connected: Allocating->connecting->Initializing->connected(RAM & Disk) but still not able to upload dataset from my local system, even not getting any error message or pop up.
    Kindly help to suggest the resolution.