how do you record audio from a computer while wearing headphones?

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I usually wear headphones instead of using the built in speakers of my monitor. I want to be able to record audio that I am listening to on my headphones to an application. Although I mainly use audacity( I would prefer a solution so I would have the ability to record audio as if it were a microphone. It always feels terribly inefficient to need to unplug one’s headphones in a zoom call or while recording just to have sound go out your speakers and in your computer microphone. On top of this, the microphone takes in background sound.

Here is a microphone drop down menu. I am curious about how microphones get on to this list and how to possibly add something onto it.

I have not tried much because I don’t know where to start. I would appreciate anyone with some knowledge of how to even go about this problem.
I use the windows operating system.

I would appreciate help or suggestions with this problem.
Thank you.

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