Looking for a way to set my wc3270 session keymap to recognize the keypad return as newline

  3270, keyboard, terminal-emulator, windows, zos

I have the wc3270 client installed on my windows machine to connect to my mainframe. I am trying to map the keyboard to reflect the way my old 3270 keyboard worked. The keyboard enter was my enter key and the keypad enter (on the right side of the key board, the one with the numbers) was my newline. wc3270 (x3270) seems to only recognize it as RETURN as it does the other enter key. When I trace them they are both showing as RETURN. Does anyone know of a way to distinguish between the enter keys so I can assign only one (the keypad enter) as my newline? There is a canned keymap that assigns newline to BOTH enter keys and enter to the right control key but that isn’t what I am looking for. If anyone has any experience with this that would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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