How can I remove lines of text from many subtitles?

  android-edittext, cmd, windows

I have a lot of movies, and most of those movies have subtitles, but most of those subtitles have some sort of advert at the start that I dislike. I believe the easiest way to fix the issue is to search all the .srt files for keywords and replace them with blanks or delete them.

So far I found this site with some helpful software. AstroGrep is great for finding what I’m looking for but then I would have to manually edit them. grepWin seems like it could do what I’m looking for but is over my head.

Currently I’m trying to see if I can find a command I can just run to search/replace the lines since there is only a handful of variations.

Would findstr work for this? Is there a different command that would be more helpful for this situation?

I’m on windows 10, everything is in P:Content in subfolders

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