Applocker is enforced, and rules created, but does not block?

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Hoping someone can help
OS is WIndows 2019 Server

ive made rules, local for now. According to the documentation

enter image description here

When i then export and test, i get the result i want.
But when i rdp to the machine with my test user, and try for myself. nothing is denied and nothing is logged.

PS C:Usersmyuser> Get-AppLockerPolicy -Effective -XML > C:temptestapp.xml
PS C:Usersmyuser> Test-AppLockerPolicy -XmlPolicy C:temptestapp.xml -path "C:Program FilesWindows Mailwabmig.exe" -User mydomainmyuser-test

FilePath                                 PolicyDecision MatchingRule
--------                                 -------------- ------------
C:Program FilesWindows Mailwabmig.exe         Denied *

Probably something dumb i have missed, thanks.

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