build failed when using "AAudioStream" in android studio [duplicate]

I try to follow the next exemple in order to create a simple synthesizer app:

but, when I pressed Run, the Build failed.

void AudioEngine::stop() {
if (stream_ != nullptr)
} }

and the error is: undefined reference to ‘AAudioStream_close’

notice that ‘AAudioStream_close’ is exists function:

If I press Ctrl+B, and the mouse on the function, I get to the source code of the function, at AAudio.h
so android studio did recognize it.

Also, stream_ is a member of AudioEngine, as one can see in AudioEngine.h:

class AudioEngine { public:
bool start();
void stop();
void restart();
void setToneOn(bool isToneOn); 
Oscillator oscillator_;
AAudioStream *stream_;};

If so, what is the problem and how do I fix it?

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