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I’ve had a hard time coming up with an efficient solution for the following problem:

A number that can be represented as the sum of two distinct single-digit numbers that are odd and prime in nature with each of the two prime numbers consisting of positive power.

For converting a non-special number to a special number, you have to perform any one of the following operations:

  1. Increase the given number by 1 and the associated cost for this operation is called Increasing Cost.
  2. Decrease the number by 1 the associated cost for this operation is called Decreasing Cost.

Your task is to convert the given number into a special number at a minimum cost.

Input format:
-First line denoting the number of test cases
For each test case
-First line: it contains the number that must be converted into a special number
-Second line Decreasing Cost
-Third line Increasing Cost

Output format:
For each test case print the minimum Sost in a new e to convert it to a special number


1 <= t <= 3*10^5

1 <= Number <= 10^9

1 <= IncreasingCost <= 10^9

1 <= DecreasingCost <= 10^9

Sample Input:





Sample Output:


Explanation: To make 4 a special number,we increment the number 4 times to make it 8.
8 is a special number since it can be represented as 3^1 + 5^1. Increment cost is 8 so total cost is 8+8+8+8 = 32.

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