How to determine the world coordinate of a point relative to the camera using ArCore?

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Using the code below, I am attempting to create 3d points from a depth image, though when the shader transforms the point via a projection and view matrix the points are at what I believe the 0,0 location in world coordinates.
When I attempt to have the shader use a model matrix with the projection and view matrixes, the points are not seen at all.

for(int i=0 ; i < image_height * image_width ; i++)
        int r_i = i / (int)image_width;
        int c_i = i % (int)image_width;
        u_short* pixel = nullptr;
        pixel = (u_short*)&depth_data[i * image_pixel_stride];
        //~2-3 feet capture zone.
        if(*pixel < 1000 || *pixel > 1500)
        float x,y,z;
        float d_i = (float)*pixel / (float)8191;
        //calculate x-coordinate
        float alpha_h = (M_PI - fovW) / 2;
        float gamma_i_h = alpha_h + (float)c_i*(fovW / image_width);
        x= ( d_i / tan(gamma_i_h));
        //calculate y-coordinate
        float alpha_v = 2 * M_PI - (fovH / 2);
        float gamma_i_v = alpha_v + (float)r_i*(fovH / image_height);
        y = ( d_i * tan(gamma_i_v)*-1);
        vertices[vertexIndex++] = x;
        vertices[vertexIndex++] = y;
        vertices[vertexIndex++] = d_i;

To get the model matrix, I first used the arcamera’s pose’ 4×4 matrix and transformed the xyz above, then sent it to the shader for projection * view * 3dpoint.
The next thing I tried was using an anchor to get a matrix ~

ArAnchor* aa;
  ArSession_acquireNewAnchor(ar_session, arCameraPose, &aa);

  glm::mat4 model_mat(1.0f);

    ArTrackingState tracking_state = AR_TRACKING_STATE_STOPPED;
    ArAnchor_getTrackingState(ar_session, aa,
    if (tracking_state == AR_TRACKING_STATE_TRACKING) {
      // Render object only if the tracking state is AR_TRACKING_STATE_TRACKING.
      util::GetTransformMatrixFromAnchor(*aa, ar_session,

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