C++ to C and vice versa wrapper/adapter for Embedded Systems?

  adapter, c++, embedded, wrapper

For a university project I have to use an embedded model based software that generates C code, however there are many devices that don’t function with C code but only C++. On the other hand I also have many pre – written libraries in C++, which I would like to use as an input to this program. Saying that, this is a project using a microcontroller and I don’t need any printf or any exception handling. The code also doesn’t need to be portable or even human readable, it just needs to be executable. The generated and actual codes are fully deterministic and internal variables and outputs are frozen as soon as they are computed during the execution cycles.

Now, I have previously read about LLVM, and Cfront but I am not sure which one to use and I also don’t know if this is even possible to be done. Any comments on the approach you would use would be extremely helpful.

Thanks everyone in advance!

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