Mosquitto on Windows – error running programs

  mosquitto, mqtt, visual-studio-2019, windows

I’m trying to run a test program using mosquitto broker. On Linux everything works just fine, but I encountered some problems on my Windows 10 machine.

I got the newest install from Mosquitto Eclipse. I’m trying to run some test program (C code does not have any errors, it works on Armbian) in Visual Studio 2019. I added all the include directories, linked the service etc, but I still get this error: mosquitto.dll not found, try solving this problem by reinstalling the program (tried the reinstall as well)

Mosquitto.dll is indeed in the folder, I tried copying it into the /devel folder (among header files), no result.

I also searched on various forums but didn’t find any answer. Why can’t it find the file that obviously is there since the install? I would love to get some advice from you.

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