Passing complex parameters to `aws cloudformation deploy`

  amazon-cloudformation, cdk, localstack, windows

From PowerShell I’m calling aws cloudformation deploy against LocalStack using a template generated by the CDK:

aws --endpoint-url http://localhost:4566 cloudformation deploy --template-file ./cdk.out/my.template.json --stack-name my-stack --parameter-overrides functionLambdaSourceBucketNameParameter55F17A81=`{`"BucketName`":`"my-bucket`",`"ObjectKey`":`"`"`} functionLambdaSourceObjectKeyParameterB7223CBC=`{`"BucketName`":`"my-bucket`",`"ObjectKey`":`"`"`}

The code executes and I get a cryptic message back: 'Parameters'. Also, the stack events show a failure but don’t include any reason:

"ResourceType": "AWS::CloudFormation::Stack",
"Timestamp": "2020-09-24T19:03:28.388072+00:00",
"ResourceStatus": "CREATE_FAILED"

I assume there is something wrong with the format of my parameters but I cannot find any examples of complex parameter values. The parameters are CodeParameters which have both BucketName and ObjectKey properties.

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