Compiling zeromq for legacy os

  autoconf, c++, gcc, rhel5, zeromq

I’m trying to compile and use an up-to-date version of zeromq for RHEL 5.11 (trust me, I’m as happy as you when dealing with such old systems). As can not modify/update this RHEL, I set up a CentOS 5.11 which should be equivalent to RHEL 5.11 according to wiki.

Unfortunately it does not compile because at least autoconf >= 2.69 is required and this is only the first early error … Anyway I cannot update autoconf.
From the repository of zeromq we can see that CentOS 6 (=RHEL 6) is supported
and that mainly c++98 with optional c++11 is used. So theoretically it should compile for RHEL 5.

My next approach was to install the old gcc 4.1.2 on a modern linux like described here but this was only possible down to gcc-5.

Is there any way to get an up-to-date version (4.x) of zeromq running with RHEL 5.11 ?
Or is there a late and stable 3.x version which is compatible to 4.x ?

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