My automation testing framework is unable to detect windows hello unlock popup

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I am using cucumber and appium for automation testing of UWP app in windows 10 version 1903 laptop, my framework is unable to detect windows hello unlock popup.
As i have a unlock option in my UWP app, i have windows hello feature integrated to my app. The windows hello popup will display and ask us to enter the pin.

public boolean isBiometricPromptShown() {
Assert.assertTrue("Hello dialog didn’t come",doesElementExist(helloUnlockTextField));
return doesElementExist(helloUnlockTextField);

And the windows hello password box field automation id is ‘PasswordField_4’.

Note: This automation script is working fine(it is able to detect windows hello popup and enter the password and unlock successfully) on other laptops and desktops of my friends.

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