Windbg find missing dlls

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I am writing a app using an open source library. This open source libarary comes with many plugin dlls. Some of which we are using in our project (NOT all of them).

While in developement, we just consumed the library as a whole and everything worked fine.

Now when we are trying to build a shippable binary package, seems like we need to sort things out and find only those plugin binaries (dlls) from the open source lib which are in use.

These library comes with 100 of plugin dlls. During runtime, we just using a primary lib plugin dlls, which in turn loads up other dlls (Curently when we run the App, it loads both essential or non-essential dlls). We need to find out a way how to only pack those dlls which we are using in the code. And since these are plugins only, if the primary dll don’t finds the non-essential dlls, then it is completely fine (App won’t crash). We just have to help it locate the essential ones (without that pur either won’t work or will crash).

In order to find only the essential dlls, what I have done is removed all the dlls from the path and started placing one dlls each time to check, until our App start working. The problem is that with this approach it is going to take a long time. Rather than randomly picking each dlls I trying to use WinDbg to find out which missing dlls has caused the failure.

Is there a way in Windbg to identify from a dump, to see which missing dll has caused failure?

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