Unable to block single ip with specific url on Squid

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I’m running squid on windows server 2016. DHCP is installed on same server so am using the below command to block speciific ip with specific url on Squid.

acl specific_client src
acl facebook dstdomain .facebook.com
http_access deny facebook specific_client

I’ve also tried to block via MAC using below but it didn’t work.

acl pcmac1 arp 00:23:24:1a:93:74
http_access deny pcmac1
  • On windows server i’ve added the server static IP in LAN connection
    with port 3128.
  • No Firewall is being used on Windows Server.

I’ve haven’t done any setting on client system. Client system are getting IP from DHCP which is on windows server and are connected via Ethernet cable.

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