xcopy fails in AppVeyor, works at home: Invalid number of parameters

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The command
xcopy "$SITEPACKAGESgoogle" "buildlibgoogle" /i /e /h fails with Invalid number of parameters on Windows on AppVeyor (Visual Studio 2019).

I’ve confirmed the correct syntax of the command in my Windows virtual machine on my computer where the command works as expected, and I’ve confirmed the correct setting of the $SITEPACKAGES variable and the escaped backslashes by echoing the same line: echo "$SITEPACKAGESgoogle" "buildlibgoogle" /i /e /h produces C:Python37-x64Libsite-packagesgoogle buildlibgoogle /i /e /h, now with the quotes not showing anymore as expected.

The command is run from a shell schript as a normal command from appveyor.yml like so:

    - cmd: "sh wxPython/build/Windows/build-all.sh"

I’ve also tried not to escape the backslashes, but with same result.

I’m lost. Any ideas?

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