The different arguments options for a function with move semantics [duplicate]

  c++, c++17, move

I need to make a member function that has an argument of std::vector<int> and uses the move semantics to steal the guts of it and place to a different std::vector<int> that is a member of class T.

class T {

std::vector<int> vec; 


void setVec(std::vector<int> vec_){ vec = std::move(vec_); }


Now my question is; What is the different and implications of having the following interfaces for setVec and which one should be used?

1 : void setVec(std::vector<int> vec_)

2 : void setVec(std::vector<int>& vec_)

3 : void setVec(std::vector<int>&& vec_)

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