changes to are ignored, jar, java, spring-boot, windows

I have a bigger Spring-Boot application and it was running fine for over a year.
Its not the first time I have to make changes to the properties, but this time it seams my changes to the file are ignored. But only if I put the jar-file on the server.

If I run the same jar-file locally it works fine.
I went so far and intentionally broke the database config and as expected, if I run the jar file locally, it didn’t want to start but if I put it on the server, it runs fine.

If I make changes to the code itself, they take effect and just work fine, even on the server.
Server and my machine are both windows systems and I start the app just via

java -jar PaymentManagerBackend-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

the is contained in the jar and my changes are in it. in jar

I have no idea, why this happens all the sudden. It was working fine for over a yeah and I had made changes more then once.
A simple change of 5 min work has cost my more than a day now.

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