How to display a webmap in Arcgis SDK for Qt

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I’m using the ArcGis SDK in Qt Creator (C++). I’m attempting to launch a map, but I’m having trouble. The map I want to display comes from: I read through the documentation for displaying a webmap, but I keep getting a blank map. I believe this is the webmap for the above link:

void TrailsMapTest::setMapView(MapQuickView* mapView)
      std::string mapUrlString ="";
      const QString mapURL = QString::fromStdString(mapUrlString);
      const QUrl QMapURL(mapURL);
      Map* trailsMap = new Map(QMapURL);
      m_mapView = mapView;
      emit mapViewChanged();

This is the code I’m using. I modified the setMapView function that comes with the default ArcGis project. Whenever I try to run the project I just get a blank map and I can’t figure out why.

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