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Good morning everyone !!

I don’t know if this forum can help me on this issue: I’m trying to work with the Dropzone component for Uploading Files, I can already save my files in the database. The problem that is happening is to reload the existing files in the database, as soon as I load my page. I run into the following error:

dropzone.min.js: 1 Error not detected: Dropzone already attached

When saved as images in the b.d., instance the Dropzone component, like this:

let myDropzone = new Dropzone ("#idDropzone-" + relationshipId, {…}

And to rescue the existing images in the database, I am instantiating again, as above, since the common error occurs. There is a way to get the Dropzone id without instantiating it, since it has already been instantiated.

I tried this way, being my id is concatenated, how to define in the definition of the variable.

Dropzone.options.idDropzone {}

Dropzone id definition:

  <div class="dropzone" id="[email protected]"></div>

I don’t know if I managed to be clear.

Thank you, Flávia

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