Can not find my SSD during dual boot of Kali Linux

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I’m trying to dual boot Kali Linux alongside Windows 10 and on the partition menu at the manual partitioning I can not find my SSD drive there. I searched for the solution but found no fixes yet.

To ensure that there’s no problem with the partition table of my system I used GPT fdisk software as described GPT fdisk Guide but that didn’t work, again the installer didn’t show the system’s drive, for once my usb flash drive got corrupted during this process but I fixed it using the DiskGenius software. DiskGenius

As I was searching for this problem, I found a YouTube vedio SSD not showing up during installation process (language Hindi) where a guy was saying that "most probably the issue is with your system’s driver", where he explained that many companies uses third party drivers to enable a lot of functionalities in your PC, so in order to dual boot your device you need to have the details about that driver that locates your SSD or ports in your system. PC’s with native drivers installed on them does not get this problem of not showing up of SSD. To fix this you should have that driver installed in your usb flash drive.

So, I searched for that third party driver for my system but found nothing. Download page for third party drivers

I also tried switching the slots where I mount my flash drive but this didn’t work ?.

I used BalenaEtcher to boot my USB flash drive.

My System Information

OS Name -> Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language

Version -> 10.0.18362 Build 18362

OS Manufacturer -> Microsoft Corporation


System Manufacturer -> ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

System Model -> VivoBook_ASUSLaptop X412FA_X412FA

System Type -> x64-based PC

SerialNumber -> L3N0CV05J276129

I’ve sent mail to ASUS technical support two times but got no replies yet. I also sent messages to their employees on LinkedIn ? but again got no replies. I’ve sent messages to 10 to 15 employees I think ?. Now I’m feeling like a fool ?.

Should I move on with this thought of dual booting Kali Linux ? or there is someone expert who can help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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