Can Anyone Please help for writing a short code? [closed]

  c++, python-3.x

Hey can someone please help me to find an efficient solution for this problem in python/c++ which has less complexity even for long long int values of k and n?
My solution has complexity N^2 and is not accepted, more efficient code is needed

Bob is on an adventure to save princess from villain. There are N towns numbered 1 to N where prince is hidden, Bob starts to search from town 1.
He asks the locals where they last saw the princess being taken, and all locals of a town give the same answer everytime he asked.
The locals of town i will always give answer Ai. Bob decides to travel k times before giving up.
Find out in which city Bob gave up.

Input format:
N k
A1 A2 A3…. AN
Out format:
City number at which Bob gave up

Hint: Eventually Bob is stuck in a loop


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