Is there any optimization possible for function to reverse the order of bytes in an int32?

Someone I know was recently asked this question in a coding interview. They were asked to write a function reverseBytes below such that if you pass it 0xabcdef12 it’d output 0x21fedcba.

They gave the following solution.

int reverseBytes (int x) {
  int ans = 0;
  ans = (x & 0xff000000 >> 24) | (x & 0x00ff0000 >> 8) |   (x & 0x000000ff << 24) |  (x & 0x0000ff00 << 8);   
  return res;

Are there any further ways to optimize it? One can of course not do the 1st and 3rd mask, but they’d still need to do at least 2 bitmask operations, 4 bitwise-shift, and 3 bitwise-or, is that correct?

According to them, interviewer was expecting further optimizations. I’m at loss to see that there could be further optimization possible. If so, what are they?

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