Put labels to files via application

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Hello community of stackoverflow,

I am looking to create an application that would allow me to put labels on a document or photo. The general idea with an example:

One file has information for the A guy. I would like to put a label that I could search after on my fileserver.
I understand that this may not be possible due to windows 10 software manipulation so I came up with another solution. To put all files to a virtual fileserver that I can manipulate with labels and search options.

Any programming framework/language more suitable for this application or any example on your mind?

Maybe It is more possible to make a virtual envirroment that I can put my files there like a vera crypt vault. Do you know any way to create ""custom" fileserver-container so I can have my own file properties there?

Iam new to stackoverflow so excuse me if i make any mistake.

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