Creating and adding values to Chart in Word C++ ActiveQT

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I need add a chart to my word document with some custom values for the chart, what I have managed to do is only add a new chart where the excel spreadsheet pop up and and add that into my document, but the problem is that I want to add those values programmatically, I searched almost everything and couldn’t find!
Can any of you help?
The code is as below:

QString     outFile("D:output.docx");
QString     inFile1("D:input.docx");
QAxObject   axObject("Word.Application");
QAxObject*  documents = axObject.querySubObject("Documents");
QAxObject*  document = documents->querySubObject("Open(const QString&, bool)", inFile1, true);
QAxObject*  shapes = document->querySubObject("InlineShapes");
QAxObject*  chart = shapes->querySubObject("AddChart(int)", 74, 100, 100, 500, 800);
document->dynamicCall("SaveAs(const QString&)", outFile);

Thanks in advance

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