IIS High avability using ARR and NLB clustering problem with responsing [closed]

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ive would to create an "ideal iis topology"… So i did everything what should i do in my opinion..
I did something like a MESH using 2 IIS Servers, 2 ARR (with NLB) servers and the WAN…
It’s look like this:
enter image description here

And my problem is, that after im accessing the (somednsname.eu with A record with WAN IP) NLB Cluster ( from NAT WAN (xx.xx.xx.xx) im always getting the ARR IIS default website, but i should get the somednsname.eu website stored on IIS servers. I’ve the URL rewrite set to sent any request via round robin to the Server Farm (IIS1 and IIS2 are in the farm)…

Every site configuration and files are stored on the IIS servers.

I spend like 50h now to resolve my problem and i cannot find any response, im using also the MS Tutorials… If someone had similar issue and know how to resolve it please for help.. 🙂

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