3d printer SD card format issue "low quality" SD card works, high quality onedoesn’t

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I’ve used one SD card with my 3D printer (Tevo) for 2 years now. The card is falling apart physically, but still works. It has low rating on Amazon. I want to replace it with a "brand name" card (Samsung, SanDisk), but after formatting the new card in Win10, the printer won’t recognize it, it says "No SD card inserted". The printer reads the old one just fine, so it’s not the printer’s SD reader. I checked the format on the old one, it’s FAT32, the same I use for the new "brand" cards. In Win10, using my laptop’s SD drive, I can read both cards fine:

Windows format

The old card is 512MB (full size), the new one 1GB (micro-insert). Perhaps it matters? I vaguely recall reading that there’s some "proper" SD format utility that formats SD cards in the most "standardized" way possible, which may help. Does anyone know this utility?

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