Writing platform-independent C++ code for a Node.js Website, C# Windows App and Android App

  android, c++, node.js, platform-independent, windows

I want to create an app (Web app, Windows app etc.) that has a set of tools in it. (Conversion Tools, Developer Tools, Calculators etc.)

I want to write it to these platforms:

  1. Website (Node.js)
  2. Windows (C# with windows forms)
  3. Android (C++ app on android)

Now I’m thinking about writing general C++ code (aka platform-independent) that I can run on the Node.js website, C# Windows app and an Android app.

This general C++ code needs to work the same on all the platforms.

I also need the general C++ code to be organized into a couple of groups. (Conversion, Developer, Calculators, Generators etc.)

How can I achieve all of that? Can you recommend a project structure for this project?

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