How to pass command line arguments to a exported method of an c++ DLL?

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I am trying to pass the command line arguments from the client console app.CPP to DLL.

subscriber.DLL method was created in VS using code here

In my DLL I have a method based on ace tao

ACE_TMAIN(int argc, ACE_TCHAR **argv[])
 // user code

ACE_TMAIN is exported in a header file

in the command line, it uses the following command when running them as executables

command –> Subscriber -DCPSConfigFile dds_tcp_conf.ini

the last part is the transport configuration .ini file.

Subscriber is an exe in the above command. but now here it is used as a subscriber.DLL by exporting ACE_TMAIN with arguments.

So how to pass these command line with arguments to DLL from the client console application?

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