Using Visual Studios 2019 causes 100% Disk Usage


I’ve created an account on this site just for this explicit problem, a while back when I was coding scripts on unity I found that using visual studios, even opening visual studios will send my disk usage into the ceiling 100% for VS2019 after some time VS2019 seems to "give" all its disk usage to another service like system sysmain or a malware service honestly its fairly random but the 2 highest are systems and sysmain. after some time systems will completely take over and use 100% disk for as long as the VS2019 is open, if I close the program my laptop takes about 3-10min to return back to normal. I’ve looked all over to see if there was a solution but it seems I’m the only 1 suffering from this problem. Some feedback would be really lovely hoping a solution can be found before my next semester starts in mid-January.

Sincerely, Daniel Joseph Jr.

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