can you switch over a std::any.type()?

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I want to explore how I can use std::any instead of void * or such constructs for message passing. So I created an example code to test this – see below.

The use of std::any looks nice, but I want to switch through the types to check which type the std::any is. It might no be possible, and I know I can use a if/elseif… block instead, but it would be very nice if I can create a switch statement so that if I use this in real code with 10-20 different types it will be more readable.

#include <string>  
#include <iostream>  
#include <sstream>  
#include <any>  
#include <typeindex>  

struct ints { int a{1}; int b{2}; };
struct strings { std::string a{"string1"}; std::string b{"string2"}; };

void send_msg(std::any item)
    switch (item.type().hash_code())       // <------- HERE
        case typeid(ints).hash_code():     // <------- HERE
            std::cout << "ints" << std::endl;
        case typeid(strings).hash_code():
            std::cout << "strings" << std::endl;
            std::cout << "unknown typen";

int main()
    strings s;

    ints i;

live example:

I can’t switch on the type_info returned by std::any::type, but I can switch on the hash_code() of the type_info, but that is not a constexpr I hoped it was though!

so I also tried getting the address of the type info and a few other tricks that I could find. But no luck so far…

Is there such a way?

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