Winrar Settings, Batchfile or any other possibility to Monitor and create Archives automated

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i searched in Winrar Settings but coudn’t the Settings which i need, is there anyway to Setup Winrar to Monitor a specific Folder, and every Folder that gets put in that specific Folder should be packed to a sperate Archive, i don’t need any compression, the Archive has to have:

  1. Same Name as the Folder
  2. Size Should not be bigger then 0,99 GB ( bytes) if Size is bigger then the Archive should be splitted in max. 0,99 GB ( bytes) Parts
  3. Every Archive Should be Password protected (Same Password for every Archive)
  4. Is it also Possible to set a command like Put in Every Archive the Content which is located in C:FolderX
  5. After successful creating the Archvies only the created Archive/ Parts should remain the the Folders and rest should be moved to Recycle Bin

C:FolderX [Every File which is here Should be Put in Every Archvie which will be created]

C:MainFolder [Every Folder which is here should be created to an Archvie like]

C:MainFolderFolder1 = 500 MB -> Folder1.rar = 500mb Password = xyz

C:MainFolderFolder2 = 1500 MB -> Folder2.part1.rar = 0,99 GB, Folder2.part2.rar = 427 MB Password = xyz

C:MainFolderFolder3 = 3500 MB -> Folder3.part1.rar = 0,99 GB, Folder3.part2.rar = 0,99 GB, Folder3.part3.rar = 0,99 GB, Folder3.part4.rar = 281 MB Password = xyz

When the Archvies are extracted they Should be like just 1 Folder with the content Folder1textfile1, textfile2 etc

/ NO SubFolders Like Folder1Fodler1textfile1, textfile2

Winrar should only run process at time the rest should be put in queue.

Can this be done with a Batchfile and use the Batchfile as a Windows Service?

My OS is Windows 2019 Standard, i hope you guys can understand my English.

best regards


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