HDD space is missing after removing usb

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My computer is a pretty standard dell windows 10(default) computer. It had secure boot & bitlocker before I disabled them, and it is UEFI(like I said, very standard).

I wanted to boot Arch Linux to my computer. Before it had about 930G in hdd & about 130G in sdd, and I had a SanDisk usb for the Arch installation with about 32G. I followed the instructions on the official installation guide, but got confused partway through so decided to follow part of the wikihow guide (I didn’t really trust the other websites with installation guides because I used to use them, but more often than not the guide was unreliable and they were just using the guide to promote their own product). Anyways everything was going fine, and I restarted my computer & started using windows 10 again. Later I decided to eject the usb & took it out. After plugging it back in, not only does the usb & it’s contents not appear in the file manager, but the hdd space is gone with it (they’re connected because I was partitioning arch on hdd space). I don’t really know what to do from here. Do I just go into bios & try to restart everything? Do I try to format the usb & will doing so permanently remove the hdd space? Where did the hdd space go in the first place???

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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