Qt and Qwt deploying under ubuntu 18.04

  appimage, c++, qt, qwt

I wrote a program used to analyze data for a scientific experiment. I used qt creator to write it.
The source code is public under git hub (https://github.com/StefanoPierini/PTU-Analysis-g2)

I would like to create an AppImage of this program in order to make it simple for other Ubuntu users. Furthermore, I tried to deploy in a directory using cqtdeployer and then to use appimage-builder to create an AppImage.

With some tweaks (like putting the icon image in the right path) I succeed to follow the tutorial up to the "Deploying dependencies" step, but when I test to lunch "AppRun" nothing happens.

I would like to know where is my mistake or if there is a simpler method to redistribute a (quite simple) qt application.

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