C++, Nested Classes, Cross Referencing

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Last week, I was working on a homework, that asked us to implement a directed graph data structure. I decided to implement my graph as an adjacency list. below in the picture, you can see the idea I had.İmage 1
To implement this structure, I created two nested structures. CityListNode, and RouteListNode. (In the homework, we were building a software for an airline company) In this implementation, vertexes are implemented as a linked list, and each edge between vertexes is also a linked list. When I tried to use a pointer in each edge to point back to the vertex the edge was connecting, I started facing errors due to cross-referencing. Below you can see a simplified version of the class declaration. Is there a way to fix this error? Should I always stay away from cross-referencing? How would you implement two different nodes having pointers to each other?
Thanks in advance 🙂

class AirlineGraph{
    class routeListNode{
            cityListNode* destination;
            routeListNode *next;   
    class cityListNode{
            string cityName;
            int cityNumber;
            cityListNode *next;
            routeListNode *root;   
    int numCity , numRoute;
    cityListNode* cityListRoot;

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