Windows XP Phone KeyGen

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With the Windows XP being discontinued I started trying to reverse engineering WPA (Windows Product Activation), only for fun and understand this type of DRM (Digital Right Management). So I’ve found this document.

This paper explains all about the Product Key and Installation ID, but is missing what happens with the KMS (Key Management System) and MAKs (Multiple Activation Key) and the most important how the Confirmation ID is calculated.

The KMS and MAKs functionality are easy to find and understand from a high overview, but not important to phone activation. For that is how the Confirmation ID is calculated/generated, this is my main focus, to be able to make a key generator, keygen for short. This is only for fun and deep understanding about WPA.
So does anyone now an algorithm for that or where can i get more info about this, I’ve tried to find but with no success. I also found WinXPKg but this is only for installation product key, it doesn’t implement windows xd phone activation.

Windows 10 activation method is through a digital license, being Volume License activation only for enterprises and now mobile activation is shut down so this project can’t harm Microsoft. Even with this in mind I won’t share this keygen with no one, IT IS ONLY FOR FUN.

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