AMBA TLM 2.0 Library & AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM

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I am trying to use AMBA TLM library developer guid in order to build a simple system of 2 masters and a memory as slave that will use
AXI protocol to comunicate.

Using only the AMBA TLM library developer guid I was able to create simple master and slave that talks AXI :

Monitor mon1("mon1");
TransARMToGeneric<128> a_to_g("ARM_to_generic", ARM::TLM::PROTOCOL_AXI4);
TransGenericToARM<128> g_to_a("generic_to_ARM", ARM::TLM::PROTOCOL_AXI4);
Monitor mon2("mon2");
Memory mem("mem");

Can I add an interconnect to this code ?

I see the examples that are in the AMBA-PV Extensions to TLM developer guid, the DMA example and the EXcluseve example, it is
not cleare on what protocol the master and slave are communicating, Can this example be configured to work in AXI ?

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