Learning Data Structures [closed]

  c++, data-structures, java, python

Hi I have very little experience with programming consisting of pretty much basic python and OOP. I wanted to learn about algorithms and data structures properly but from the resources I’ve seen its obvious that all the python versions are much simplified versions. For example when I was learning about stacks they explained how a ‘TOP’ variable is used to keep track of the index of the top element but they didn’t even use it in the python implementation and they just created revisions of pre-existing pop and push functions. In this case I was able to understand how it would work in other languages since it was simple but it no doubt gets more complicated. My worry is I’m not sure if its enough for me to be able to understand the working in python and their applications or if I have to learn a separate language like java or c / c++ for this. Any opinions on the relevancy of understanding these inner workings of data structures would be appreciated. Also I understand the relevancy changes based on what I plan to do(web dev etc.) but I’m only in first year and not sure of what to do so a more general answer would be appreciated.

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