I couldn’t be able to reach my .net core back end on windows server iis from my computer

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I’ve created an app with angular for FE and .net core for BE. I’ve published it and located on windows server iis. The app works fine inside server. I can login and use the app. But when i tried to reach the app from my computer I got error. I can not login. When I check the error it says "POST net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" and another issue is the app trying to reach "". But in my application there is no path like "…./api/v1/User/get/NaN". it must try to reach "…/api/v1/User/get". I’m not sending a value which might correspond to "NaN" part.

Sum up,

My app works fine when i use it on server, but when i try to use it on my computer it returns error.

BTW i set timeout value to connectionString to solve "CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" error like
"Server=;Database=aaa;User ID = user_id; Password = pass;connect timeout=5000;", it also didn’t work.

Any help or pointing to the right direction is really appreciated. Thank you!

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