Programming IDE or text editor for Windows?

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Ok, so let’s write the whole story…
First thing: I’m starting SDL apps development, and there are many functions in SDL, so I need something like IntelliSense, but to list the functions as I start typing the first letters, and also to show the required parameters.

something like this

So I tried Atom, Sublime Text, VS Code, and some other text editors. My point is, that I don’t need an IDE, because they usually don’t allow me to make and run just cpp files. Everything I can make are some templated projects, which I don’t need, I’m not yet enough capable of making whole apps. So I decided that I need a text editor, instead of an IDE. I tried the listed ones, but Atom is stupid, it’s making some terrible mistakes, and I can’t install it otherwise than the setup does, there is no such option. Atom compiles my program, but says just "Access denied". Disabled Avast Antivirus, didn’t help. Sublime text is complex, doesn’t run in a separate window, which is terrible. Tried fixing these problems with packages, but didn’t help. Then I tried VS Code-good one: portable, has IntelliSense, but again problems with compiling and running programs. So please, let me summarize: What I need is just: word completion (from a list, not from previous inputs), auto indent, and running a program separate window. And yes, of course, to be able to link the SDL library. Please help guys…

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