Sysinternals Handles Close Command?

  cmd, command-line, powershell, sysinternals, windows >>> I downloaded the file on this site. Everything is fine but I cannot do exactly what I want. I explained exactly what I wanted with video. I’m coding an application. I have set this up to work via CMD. How can I close the specified directory with a single code from CMD? I want to do this without needing a handles-id. I want to prepare this as a code. Please help me. 🙁

This code works like this. But I want to do this without needing a handle-id.

handle -c 0x1a2c -p Notepad.exe

I want to do it this way. But it doesn’t work.

handle -c C:Usersdream -p notepad.exe

I want to do it like in this video. How do I do this with the cmd command? I just want to specify a handles-directory. Sample:

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