bash: adb: command not found in Windows 10

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I have installed adb.exe and other files and folders from platform-tools inside of /c/adb/platform-tools/adb.exe in a Windows 10 machine, but I am unclear as to what should happen next and a result I am not sure if its a step I am missing or if the employer has put a block on the machine they issued to me.

Could someone please guide me to next steps to get adb devices working? This way if it still does not work then I know I need to let their IT team know they need to unblock whatever it is that is keeping me from utilizing adb devices.

there is this guide here:

but the folder file structure is geared towards a unixy system and even when I run ./adb version I get permission denied.

I went into environment variables and added to my Path: C:adbplatform-toolsadb.exe, but when I run adb devices or adb version I still get command not found.

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