Executing Animated Flash Game Files From a Legacy System (ADOBE’S POST-DESCONTINUATION DATE: 01/12/2021)

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Since this problem of mine has A LOT of details, firstly I will try to explain only the "basics" and, afterwards, I shall provide some extra info (for those who feel the need for them):

On my current profession, I work (on a daily basis) with a Software known as BioExplorer. It was written using C++ language + MFC’s framework, however, since it makes more than 20 years since the original developer provided its last updated version to the market, I myself consider it to be a true Legacy System. Also, due to the fact that no one has been able to make contact with this very same developer for a very long time as well, right now it isn’t possible at all to perform any kind of changes on BioExplorer’s C++ source code (which could be one of the solutions regarding what I seek and need, but unfortunately it isn’t).

BioExplorer is a very complex software that deals with a lot of "techniques" and disciplines that differ between each other very much. This software also provides a quite large set of tools for “protocols/designs development". Within it, the user may be able to program protocols (that shall be executed within BioExplorer as well) using a "special" and very high-level "programming/development language", in the form of "blocks and boxes" (here below I provide a "source code" sample):

signal diagram/source code sample for BE's protocols prograaming

Those block diagrams are responsible for building not only the entire protocol’s "logic", but also 2 additional graphical interfaces (one of them is usually used to provide/build visual elements containing "technical and/or statistical information" – such as graphs, threshold bars, "signals’ spectrum analyzers", buttons and etc etc -, while the second one is usually meant to provide an interface supposed to deal with players of different kinds of media files – such as musics/songs, as well videos/movies and also animated games written in Flash!):

enter image description here

enter image description here

(this image above shows the secondary window containing a graphic interface. Note that I’ve highlighted using a “red square” in order to point out the element supposed to be the player dedicated to the animated Flash games! – Note: nothing is being shown at all here, except for an icon located at the element’s center + a blank page filling the rest of it, due to the recent Adobe’s discontinuation on Flash and everything else related to it).

Until 2 days ago (that is, before 01/12/2021), I’ve never faced in my whole life problems regarding the correct execution of my collection of animated flash games from/within BioExplorer, and now, unless I uncheck Windows’ automatic date-time configuration and manually change it to a date before of 01/12/2021 (like 01/01/2021, for instance), I will not be able to execute the Flash files that I need in order to execute the designs and protocol files (just like I’ve always managed to run them in the recent past…).

On the other hand, if you analyze the following image, although it is the very same window compared to the previous image containing the element that holds/shows the flash player element, now BioExplorer is being able to show one of the flash games that I own (only because of the fact that, in this case, I’ve manually altered the current date to 01/01/2021. Both flash player element window and the altered Windows’ date info are highlighted by red squares once again):

enter image description here

Now, having in mind everything I’ve tried to explain above, it should be clear that, temporarily at least, I am still being able to execute my flash games files… but only if I alter all the time the current date to another date before 01/12/2021. Altering the current date is not exactly a problem for me, except for the fact that, whenever I wish to use youtube (for instance) along with BioExplorer, I have no other option other than turning on the automatic date and time option again (because it simply will not play whenever the date is set incorrectly, and I believe this issue may happen as well with other applications on my Windows).

I really have no idea about how long I will be able to perform this simple (and boring) workaround in order to run correctly my BioExplorer designs/protocols containing flash games (that is, at least in the same way as I’ve always used to do not so long ago before Adobe discontinued Flash), so I am seeking for an alternative solution that shall be "effective", "simple" and "stable", all 3 at the same time (naturally, only if there is this perfect possibility…).

Please also have in mind that what I am trying to find/achieve has nothing to do with something that would execute a flash file on a "standalone" way, but rather with the proper execution of my flash games files which shall run from/within the BioExplorer software. Also, rewritting everything on HTML5 or another "substitute language" isn’t an option for my case, basically because BioExplorer do not support tools for those ones, nor it will be possible to rewrite the original C++ source code for this new kind of integration.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: hopefully, since last year (before Adobe’s discontinuation), I had already installed the flash player plugin on my Windows 10 and it was kept installed until now, so there weren’t any problems on the Flash’s installation procedure itself. However, for some reason I’ve tried to perform a fresh installation on a Virtual Machine and, for my surprise, even though I was using the very same .exe installer file for flash on my actual Windows 10 system, the installation would halt on the very beggining (with or without applying beforehand the alteration on the current date… it seemed to me that Adobe managed to somehow block perfect and totally any fresh installation attempt regarding the flash plugin…).

FINAL NOTES: I am truly sorry for the size of this descriptive text, but I’ve found simply impossible to do everything in only a few sentences. PLEASE, if you happen to read everything until here and still have doubts and questions regarding this problem of mine, please let me know in the comments, so I can add here more info to help you out on clarifying things.

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