Using UI Automation to get URL info (Firefox) with C++ causes delay for someone using Firefox

  c++, firefox, ui-automation

We have created a program that monitors domain/url info of the Firefox browser, so every few seconds
this program will grab the browser address bar information using UI Automation (similar to here
Get active Tab URL in FireFox with C++). When this
happens, it causes a performance slowdown for the user when that person attempts interaction with
Firefox, such as typing in characters in a control field, switching between tabs (if multiple tabs
open), etc. Using Task Manager Resource Monitor, I can see sustained "plateau spikes" in CPU usage
when the UI Automation "fires" (attempts to grab the URL info). So my question: Is this slow down
in performance likely just caused by the UI Automation iterating thru the browser
page, or is there some sort of conflict with web page interaction (by the user) and the UI Automation
(running within the monitor program)?

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