Ow do I read Boned Skinned models using Assimp and parse the incoming data?

  assimp, c++, collada, opengl

I have a C++ program that uses Assimp to load models and can load non-boned models fine.

The tutorials I have found say each "aiMesh" object in a node has mNumBones and mBones an array of pointers to aiBone objects.

None of the models I have tested which represent animated characters when loaded cause assimp to load these fields. The same models when read into open3dmod.exe model viewer when viewed show bones and joints in how they interpret the data. The nodes interpreted as Joints in the Collada files I have for these models are all under the <library_scene_visuals> node in the xml file and there is no <library_controllers> node as specified for bone and joint data in the Collada xml schema.

Anyway a bit stumped and wondering how do others load these sorts of models to put in their scenes?

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