How to prevent that multiple Threads access the same Hardware Button using Mutex?

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I have some hardware Buttons which I want to control via c++ code.
The application is going to be used for testing of an hardware System.

The whole code is time sensitive.
A single button can be used via: func_SingleButtonInput(int); (-> Shown below)
That function works great if its used in a single Thread.

Problems occur if I want to simulate more activated Buttons at once, for example with multiple Threads running the same function simultaneously.
The aim is to simulate a person that pushes multiple Buttons at once for different periods of time (random()). The whole testing procedure should run days (or weeks), if an collision is possible, it will happen.


-> How to prevent that multiple Threads access the same button?

This seems to be an use case for std::mutex. But how to link a Mutex to a Button?
The amount of Buttons is defined as NUMBER_BUTTONS. The amount may be changed in the future (By other developers).
To my knowledge a class Button doesn’t solve that problem. Mutex is not copyable. So if one Object is created for every hardware Button than working with Mutex does not work.

//Call with: std::thread thread_Name(func_SingleButtonInput, TEST_DURATION_SECONDS);

void func_SingleButtonInput(int seconds_duration) {
    auto timeOfStart = std::chrono::system_clock::now(); //Time of start to calculate duration
    std::chrono::duration<double> diff;                  //Calculate duration of Thread already running
    RelayControl rControl;                               //Controls Hardware Buttons
    do {
        int wait = random(timeButtonPressed + 10, MS_WAITING_MAX);       //Allows only one Button at once
        int charID = randomChar(NUMBER_BUTTONS);
        rControl.setRelayForMilliSeconds((char)charID, timeButtonPressed);
        usleep(wait * 1000);

        //Ending of loop -> Check if certain amount of seconds have passed
        auto currentTime = std::chrono::system_clock::now();
        diff = currentTime - timeOfStart;
    } while ((int) diff.count() < seconds_duration);

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