CMake/Assimp – how to fix error "Access Denied"?

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I digged through stackoverflow and other websites to see if others experienced the same issue as me, and they did, and fixed it, but their fixes didn’t work for me.

Essentially, I am trying to generate a project file with CMake so that I can use Assimp with OpenGL but I get the following error:

enter image description here

I tried a bunch of fixes that I found online, such as enabling/disabling "Use managed compatibility mode" < didn’t work for me.

I then tried the following fix: Unable to start program VS2015 | Access denied | system cannot find the file specified

Still didn’t work, as the same error message would continue to pop up. Then I realized CMake reported the following when configuring the files:

enter image description here

Could this be what’s causing the issue?

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