Excel VBA with ActiveX loses connection to all ActiveX as of about Jan 21, 2021

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I have an Excel project with about 13 worksheets. It is a Finances and Budget program for my own home use and it serves primarily as a Set of forms and reports with some references to help. All activity is performed with VBA macros. The trigger for all activities (except 2) is via ActiveX command buttons. There are also two list boxes and one actual form with text boxes, option buttons, and input boxes. All has been working for at least 4 months including the List boxes. The form was added in late Nov or early Dec. On either the 22nd or 23 of Jan. MS updated my PC and my Financial program crashed. It got locked in Design mode and wouldn’t allow triggering any of the controls to activate the macros. Beyond that, it slid downhill fast and I can not begin to tell you all the errors that popped up. It Began with "Can’t exit Design mode because control commandbuttonx (x can be any number) can’ be created". I deleted the one-button specified along with the code for the same, and a new button number popped up. This is when the cursor shows the emblem indicating you are in Design mode. If you go into "Developer" at this time you can click the "Design" button the background flicks back and forth but the mode doesn’t change. If you click it on a button while it is thus activated, then pull up the Properties sheet, the Worksheet properties sheet comes up. The same applies to every sheet in the book. If you click the code button it seems to wander around to different sheets or modules. You can NOT use SAVE OR SAVE AS from Excel or windows without breaking the file. You can copy a workbook to a new location and it works until "SAVE" it! It seems something breaks all association with AxtiveX controls with their properties sheets and code, which tells me they never get associated on startup. I tried this on another PC with like results. I inserted an Excel form button on one of the working copies and had both ActiveX and form buttons working then saved the book and reopened it. Yep, error message. skip the message and form button still working, activeX has no connections to properties or code. Code is still there and intact but won’t run while in Design mode.
ANY Suggestions?? I’ve been working on everything I can think of except the correct fix which obviously I don’t have.

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