antlr parsing extern "C"

  antlr, antlr4, c++, python-3.x

I use antlr4 to parse C++ using antrl visitors, when I have extern "C" in my code I will get the following error,

line 1:7 no viable alternative at input 'extern"C"'
line 10:0 mismatched input '}' expecting <EOF>

This is the sample code I fail to parse using antlr,

extern "C" {

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

    extern void foo( char* a, int b);
    extern void bar( char* a, int* b, int* c, int* d, int e); 


I tried to remove parsing extern "C" from the grammar by removing linkageSpecification from g4 file but I still get the same error!

Any help either to solve the issue for parsing extern "C" or removing the grammar for it from the grammar file is really appreciated.


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